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Brother X

Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Brother X because I have no name, no identy, I am only human.


My work is a combination of  3D models designed by myself  often placed on a background or base of luxury fashion brands.  (Brand Art) 

My work needs to get people's attention, when they enter a room they should be attracted directly to the art piece. It has to fill the room and be an eye catcher.

My art is what it is. Unique, catchy, colorful, happy and often touching by it's message, 

Hope you like some of my work and hope to inspire you with my art.


Sold to buyers in :

Italy, UK, Cyprus Portugal, Taiwan, Spain, Austria, Germany,
Australia, The Netherlands, France, 
United States, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Dubai,
Monaco, China, Croatia, Poland, Switzerland, ... 

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