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Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Brother X because I have no name, no identy, I am only human.


I make art pieces by combining 3D models which I design myself with airbrushed canvas

boards or 3D sculptures. This gives a special effect because the object is often 15cm wide, it jumps out of the canvas board.

My work needs to get people's attention, when they enter a room they should be attracted directly to the art piece. It has to fill the room and be an eye catcher.

I try to put as much as expression possible in my work. Each work has a message and a story to tell.

My art is what it is. Unique, touching, agressive sometimes. 


Hope you like some of my work and hope to inspire you with my art.


Brother X

Sold to buyers in :

Italy, UK, Portugal, Taiwan, Spain, Austria, Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, France,

Romania, United States, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, ... 

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